It can be very questionable for businesses to start up right now. The economy is not doing well and this is the topic of many news broadcasts. However, there are some options available which offer very promising leads as far as new online businesses go. For those who are familiar with the business world but weary of the implications of investing money in this recession, digital products often require very little startup capital and investment.

Digital products are those which can be purchased and sold online, in an electronic manner. There are many products which can be bought and sold online, but the majority of these are physical products. Digital products are digital in nature. They are not physical. They can be stored on the computer and transferred from business owner to client, electronically. This provides instant gratification for the business owner, who receives their money immediately, as well as for the client, who is able to download and enjoy their item without waiting longer than the time it takes for the download to complete itself. Popular digital products include eBooks, software, art creations, videos and music. These are but some of the options businesses have when it comes to digital products.

Information is always in demand. Therefore, one of the most enticing digital products is the eBook. Sit down at your computer. What information do you have to offer? What area are you an expert in? In what fields do you specialize? Once you are able to answer these questions, you can begin to hone in on a topic for an eBook or an informational product. This does not cost you any money. All you need to do is write what you know. This does not cost you anything other than your time and energy. There are no inventory costs, no shipping costs, no handling fees to consider. It can be just as easy for those with the necessary talent to create software files, art files, video files and music files that are appealing to potential clients. Again, the only thing the individual needs to invest is their time and energy. How many other businesses can offer such a low start up cost? Even if you are unable to build your business enough to create a substantial income – though many individuals are able to accomplish just this – how much are you really out? Not many businesses are this low risk, especially with today’s global and national financial situation.

Digital products are great as a business. They are easy to make and easy to sell. They do not require any storage and to keep them current very little work needs to be done. Almost every dollar made is one hundred percent profit. How many other new businesses can offer these kinds of statistics?


In order to sell digital products online, businesses and individuals will best be benefited by some of the professional digital download systems available to assist them in completing such sales. Unlike personally created directories and profiles, the best of these systems will create a unique URL for each and individual purchaser. Personally created directories are often created using just one unique directory, user name and password. In many instances, these directories are simply not as secure and not as reliable for larger businesses or an increased number of transactions and sales. Those directories which have been created by systems will offer a download URL which will automatically expire after a number of days or a number of download attempts. Some of the best systems which can allow for these benefits and advantages include:

PayLoadz: This is a professional digital download system which works in conjunction with PayPal to expedite the sale of digital items and products. The company charges one flat monthly rate for its services. A monthly bill will cover the cost of a number of services and applications, including a decently sized, built in network of affiliates, as well as the option to be placed on PayLoadz’s store. In addition, PayLoadz is compatible with the online auction site, eBay.

ShoppingCart: This professional digital download system offers clients a number of benefits. Users can enjoy a newsletter program, an auto-responder to sales, a feature which tracks ads, access to the company’s affiliate program, digital download capabilities, and a shopping cart. All of this is included in one monthly payment. While 1ShoppingCart works with PayPal for payments, other payment gateways are also available to be implemented.

ClickBank: This is one of the most popular options available to those who sell digital products. ClickBank offers a very large affiliate network and a payment system. However, this option does not offer a monthly rate for services. Rather, there is a set up cost and a transaction fee for each sale made.

ShopSite Pro: This option is great for small businesses. The program offers a shopping cart as well as catalog building capabilities. With a strong digital delivery feature and increased flexibility, it is easy to use and accomplish one’s objectives. ShopSite Pro offers digital product sellers the option to accept payments through PayPal or Google Checkout, but other options are available with the implementation of an alternate payment gateway and merchant account.

These are some of the many available download systems available to businesses and individuals looking to market their digital products. There is no need for individuals to limit themselves to just these options, but this does offer a review of some popular features and options desirable from such systems. Good luck and happy selling!