Most successful businesses have a logo and that is true for online businesses as well. While it doesn’t mean that you won’t be a successful Internet marketer if you don’t have a logo, it is another way to promote your business. Not only should your logo be on your website but you can use it to promote your business offline by including it, along with your domain name, on promotional items like, t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, etc. This, incidentally, is another reason to make sure you have a great domain name because if your domain name is too long or complicated, it won’t look good on promotional items and no one will remember it either.

Logos are a great way to sum up your business in a small space. You can either design your own logo or pay someone else to do it. You do want to choose one logo and stick with it so if you hire someone else to do it, it is important that you communicate your own ideas to that person so they get a feel for what you want. The name of your business by itself may not be enough to convey a sense of what it is you would like in a logo. In addition, many Internet marketers market on a freelance basis and don’t have a name for their business so you may want to have a separate logo for each of your websites or blogs.

Types of Logos

There are various types of logos. Symbols are used to create logos for some companies, such as the Nike Swoosh. That logo is so well known you don’t even have to see the word “Nike” beside it to know which brand it represents. When you start thinking about logos for your business or site, you’ll be surprised at how many symbols you recognize.

Many companies and entrepreneurs create logos out of the name of their business or website. Think of Google and eBay. Their logos are distinctive, yet simple. Google has a lot of fun with their logo. They come up with different ways to celebrate holidays and special occasions using the Google logo. For Valentine’s Day 2009, the word Google was spelled out using an “x” and an “o” where the two O’s usually are. To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Legos, the Google logo appeared to be created out of Legos.

You can have a lot of fun with your logo and create brand recognition as well. Take your time and experiment with different variations, hire an expert if necessary, and create a logo that will brand you as the expert you are. Spend some time studying logos and you will be surprised how many you recognize and how simple they really are.