If you are an average employee who lives in this period of financial instability with the word recession bouncing around, chances are that you are afraid for your job and your income. Maybe you have already started thinking about alternatives, so as to avoid the possible nightmare. But still, you don’t want to do a risky and long jump from the employee to self-employed position because you don’t know what kind of business to launch and you don’t want to start from scratch.

Understandable. Have you considered setting up a home based business such as opening a franchise?

Franchise is buying the rights of a mother company in order to open a business which will use the same brand name and will offer the same products and services in a different location or online. It is a smart home based business idea, because it needs a relatively small budget, which can vary from 10000 to 100000 dollars depending on the brand name and gives you the chance to benefit from an already known and accomplished business plan and name.

You can buy and open a franchise business of all kinds; telecommunications, hi-tech stores, pet stores, home improvement services, online bookstores, online shops. Practically you can choose whatever you want, provided that you still follow the same rule that applies in all businesses; stick with something you know and like. You definitely have a few challenges to face. It might be home based but it is still a business. But at least you have the back up and the guidelines from the mother company. If you do some personal research and follow rules and workable ideas strictly then you will succeed as a businessman. And as your first franchise grows you can start considering creating your franchise chain, which will bring more options, customers and money.

In any kind of home based business the first steps to take are always the same.

Research, research and research. You need to find the kind of home business that suits your talents, your abilities and your character. If it is to spend time and money opening a business, you need to do something you can support both financially and emotionally. The advantages of a home based business are first of all that you don’t have extra expenses which can prove hard to afford such as rent, staffing, all kind of royalties and bills, market costs which means that your initial investment will be quite small – again depending on what field you want to work in.

Whatever you choose to do at the end, always bear in mind that business is business and requires effort and time. Making money is the operative word here and you will reach it by being smart and persistent.


Sometimes, looking for the ideal job can be really hard. Many people are either unhappy in their day job or some others are jobless, browsing through classifieds to find a possible job that could suit their abilities and knowledge. There are numerous reasons why people look for a work from home opportunity.

The truth is that today there are many people who work online; the question is, though, can everyone work from home? Who can really work from home then?

The answer is simple: everyone can work from home, provided that they can concentrate on the job avoiding home distractions. Home based work and business are suitable for all kinds of people. This includes those who don’t like commuting, those who feel suppressed when working in an office, under the close surveillance of their boss or those who want to manage their time according to their particular preferences.

Some people dislike getting up early in the morning to go to work; they feel that they cannot function well, that they need time to put themselves together before actually starting working. In a regular working environment this is not possible. Most people cannot deal with the pressure and restrictions implemented when working onsite, thus, working at home is obviously a great alternative.

Taking up online jobs from home can solve a great number of woes and problems. In most cases you don’t need anything more than a computer and an internet connection. You need to be able to communicate with people from all over the globe, because anyone could be your employer. Working online from home can eliminate physical restrictions, such as time and space. You can work for a company that resides in a different state, even in a different country.

Working from home can be a true pleasure; you might be in the position to do whatever you like, since there are freelance and online jobs for everyone. Many companies look for writers, ghostwriters, assistants, PR people, translators and many more. There are endless possibilities; this is one additional advantage for people who think that their day jobs are boring and uninteresting.

All these kinds of job require you to work from home; or from any place you want to work. If for instance you feel like going to your favorite coffee house and work there, you can do it. No one can prevent you from managing your time the way you want, as long as you are punctual and work effectively and efficiently. This can prove really beneficial to those who do not really like working in the restricted environs of a formal office and who want to be able to control and define the circumstances and conditions of their work.