Nowadays, outsourcing and freelancing are becoming increasingly popular; usually, because our pace of life is so fast and so demanding that we do not have the time to do everything ourselves. This is why having a virtual assistant is something quite common. Virtual assistants can serve in many different positions and roles. They can do pretty much what an onsite assistant does, except they are not physically present. They can be in another state or even another country. Being a virtual assistant for a company, wherever that is, is something interesting, engaging and profitable.

There are many advantages in being a virtual assistant. First of all, your opportunities and options are numerous and diverse. You can do many different things, choose the position you prefer and the tasks you are good at. Virtual assistants today tend to work on several different projects ranging from translation and PR, to accounting and data entry. You can definitely find something that suits your abilities; many companies look for assistants who can do particular types of work.

Moreover, as a virtual assistant you don’t need to commute. You have the privilege and flexibility to work from the convenience and comfort of your home, or personal space, even the local café. Home based assistants make some good money, having minimum expenses. You can also manage your time the way you want; if you are a night person, you can work at night or late hours. As long as you have the job done, how you do it is entirely up to you. You can develop your own schedule and work without the constant surveillance of your boss or other colleagues.

You don’t have high costs; working as a virtual assistant means that you mostly need a laptop and internet connection. In some cases you might need to use a phone as well, although with Skype and other such resources available, you can cut down on that cost too, or simply ask the employer to pay for the phone expenses. The overhead cost is so low that it is really worth trying it.

If you want to make something more than a side income, being a virtual assistant is a great idea. Some companies need an assistant on a part time basis, but pay well. If you have time, you can work for more than one employer at the same time. You can earn a rather competitive income if you work from home for more than one company at the same time. Just make sure that you can perform equally well for all of them.

As a virtual assistant, you actually run the game because you have the freedom of selection and action. You can provide administrative support to your employer at your own time and pace, incorporating your own style and methods.