Corporate jobs are those where you work for large business organizations or conglomerates. Although the pay packet may be reasonably good depending on the level in which one is employed, a corporate job is not without its share of woes. These jobs can sometimes get to be quite stressful and have an adverse effect on individual’s mental and physical health. Depression and work related stress is also a common occurrence. Take for example a person who works in a call center. They need to be constantly on the phone talking to customers and attending to queries and not all interactions are pleasant. Work from home jobs on the other hand are to a large extent jobs of comfort , but again this depends on what kind of job you have and what you expect from it. For a workaholic a corporate job or a home job makes no difference. They will continue to drive themselves regardless of location. Each kind of job has its share of pros and cons and it largely depends on your goals and expectations.

Why some people are not happy working for someone else? This could be due to limitations on independence and creativity. Sometimes there may be clash of ethics between you and your company which can be quite frustrating experience. You cannot really walk up to the head of the company and tell them that you don’t like the product that you are selling to your customers or you don’t like the way the company is functioning. Now in a home based job there is no one really to tell you what to do and what not to do again defined by what kind of job you do. Why most people prefer working from home or for themselves is because they have the freedom to run the business the way they want to and are totally responsible for how it functions or succeeds eventually.

In a corporate job, you have to work within a team or with your co-workers. You may not always get along with your coworkers or even your boss. In a home based job you are your own boss and you do not have to report to anyone or explain yourself to where your performance is concerned.

Sometimes the stress and monotony of an office job may overwhelm you and you will often find yourself working almost like a robot, going about your duties just because you have to and not because you want to. In a home based business, everyday is a new step to take and you will wake up to newer responsibilities and challenges which some people may look forward to. But then there are many others who prefer not to take risks of any sort and are quite content working for someone else even if they have to leave their individuality at home when they set out to work.

Work from home opportunities have really come up in a big way. As with many jobs being outsourced to freelancers and part-time workers there is also a demand for bookkeeping services. This is happening because the firms want to cut costs and delegate work to the trained but cheap professional services. Most of the times, firms look at bringing down the costs of hiring in house accountants because after all they don’t come cheap. Most of the times, teams of accountants are hired for a project, but they later become a liability when work is minimal. With freelancers companies especially the ones with low working capital can expect to save precious dollars by outsourcing the work to an external agency or person.

With full time accountants companies also need to set aside office space. Freelancers can work outside the office premises and if required for short term within the office. Companies are also assured of the quality of work since they are hiring professional chartered accountants. They are also able to concentrate on core business aspects by allotting the accounting work to freelance and work from home accountants. Start ups and smaller companies prefer working with freelancers because they do not have such large accounting needs. But at the same time they need to hire the right professional who is able to handle the duties effectively and who is able to understand the intricacies of the organization. Accounts is a critical function in any organization and one cannot afford to play around with the management of the same. The person hired to take on the job should possess the necessary skills as well as be able to deal with the core competencies of the firm. Accountants who work from home or on a freelance basis are not difficult to find. It is necessary however to select a bookkeeper who has some form of formal training in this field.

For a person who wants to work as a freelance accountant, the most important criteria should be to find the right clients. You will face tough competition because of the low entry barriers in this field therefore concentrate on a specific target market. The target market can be a small or larger business corporation. The business plan should also be quite clear in your head. Bookkeepers usually charge by the hour which is quite fair as the amount of work and time required would depend on the size of the business being handled. For freelancers, it is an ideal opportunity as the initial capital required is very low and there are very low if not nil establishment costs. The key to succeed and securing clients depends on how well you market yourselves online and otherwise, so you can gain the maximum from your expertise.