Affiliate marketing networks have become a familiar term in the world of online marketing. Its popularity has grown in part because of the increased use of the Internet as a resource for people searching for products and services. Understanding what affiliate marketing networks are all about is the first step in leveraging this strategy for an online business.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way for almost anyone to make money online by simply promoting products and services. Affiliate marketing networks make it even easier by providing tools and resources to connect ‘sellers’ and ‘buyers’.

Think about an affiliate as a ‘merchant’ or ‘business-person’. Establishing an affiliate marketing campaign is like promoting other people’s products on your websites, or having them promote your products on their websites. In return, financial compensation is exchanged based on terms of service. Affiliate marketing networks offer huge opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and manage an online business.

Becoming an affiliate starts with a website. You must have website to enter into this business! Once you have a well-designed site, you’re ready to get linked up with affiliate networks.

One of the comments that I hear coming from successful marketers over and over is the dislike of one particular question. The question that they all get asked and are sick of answering is “How can I make money fast”? Of course everyone wants to make money fast but there is not one answer on how to do that. In Internet marketing there are a million ways to get to one point on the map of failure or success and it cannot be mapped out for you by a simple answer to a simple question.

In order to make money fast or slow an Internet marketer will need a product to sell. That’s the first step in mapping out how to make money online, but that is only one point to consider because the expense of creating a product can become a real issue for many internet marketers starting out.

If you want to sell digital or “info” products online, you can cut costs by creating one yourself. You’ll have to do the initial product research. And the actual marketing research. You’ll need to create or write the material your self or, if you don’t feel you have the writing ablities necessary to put together a quality ebook, you’ll have to hire a ghost writer or start a JV with someone that has the abilities you do not have.

That’s just the start of the journey that you need to map out.

You’ll need to write sales page and because a sales page is one of the most important part of sales it should be very good. If you have copywriting abilities, you know how all time consuming writing a good converting salespage can be. If you do not have good copywriting skills, the cost of a expert copywriter might leave you pulling your hair out in disbelief.

Your visual elements must be there, too. The Internet is a visual venue, and how things look matter a great deal. If you have a grasp on art and the software, you can make your graphics a DYI project. If you could not even imagine doing graphics work yourself then you’ll need to pay a graphic designer to do that part for you.

Unless you are independently rich, or have saved up for some time to start your project, that plethora of costs and expenses can be an absolute trip stopper in the journey to working online. This road to riches will take a lot of start up cash to map out.

Even if you do have the cash and know the way to getting these product inexpensively create, you might not want to take the time or the risk. If the product your product does not go over well, you will have paid out all of that cash yourself with no return on your time or monetary investment.

That initial expense of product creation is one of the reasons a great many marketers are attracted to affiliate marketing. No product creation costs are expected from a marketer just starting out online when they use affiliate marketing because the affiliate program owner/operator bears the costs associated with product creation and development. An affiliate program provides the an Internet marketer with a commission for every sale he or she can produce and some of the commissions are very generous.

Affiliate marketing allows Internet marketers to sell products without a great deal of out of pocket expense of product creation. Basically the map is there for you to pick up and you choose the road to your financial freedom.