When you started looking at the internet as a possible means of making money by setting up some online business, practicing ecommerce, participating in online forums or writing blogs it is very likely that you came across the term ‘domain names’ very often without paying much attention though on their real meaning and potential.

Here is a revolutionary idea for you. There are people out there who have become millionaires by selling or trading domain names. Yes, just simple website names.

Unfortunately , it is a little late for you to take advantage of the low prices of the 80s for some major names , imitating that guy who bought the pizza.com name for a few cents a couple of decades ago and sold it lately for some million dollars. This doesn’t mean though that there are no amazing options for you out there. On the contrary, people still buy and park some amount of domain names and put them back on the market when demand is high, either in general or for a particular kind.

Let’s say that you buy the XXXX name with all possible extensions: .com, .net, .org etc. Since it’s available you can buy it for a few dollars. Tomorrow, you might find a company going by the same name of XXX trying to put up its website. The domain name that represents the company is sold to you, so what you can is sell the rights for the name to that company for the double, triple or even more amount of money.

Is it as easy as it sounds? No, it takes time and research to find the right bargain. But it’s up to you to do it. Here are some tips for you:

- There are worldwide auctions for domain names which are sold for astronomical prices. Just a couple years ago a lucky man sold the vista.com name to guess who for 1.5 million dollars.

- Even though most of the .com names are already sold, the law of expiration works in your favor. You can track down some good ones, contact the owner and buy them just before or during the expiration time for extremely low prices. Then you can sell for double and have your first big financial success. When you buy for 0.5 what costs 1, you can hardly go broke ever.

- Domain world is about to change soon since the superpowers of the World Wide Web and economy are already considering ways to avoid the lack of available domain names for sale , trade and use. This practically means that a whole new world is about to open and you should be well informed and get your share in it.

Don’t feel discouraged by the fact that some other people were faster and already found some niches buying as many as they could afford. This game is endless and has a room for many.

There are many different ways to make money online during your spare time. One option you have is to work online as an online tutor to help others with difficulties in their education. There is a lot of money to be made as a tutor online, but it all depends on how good you are and how much time and dedication you put into it. The most common fields that tutors or being hired for is Algebra, Physics and Chemistry. This is because of the increasing demands for these fields, as well as being areas of schooling many students struggle with. If you have some background in these fields, online tutoring may be a good option for you.

Check availability on web sites that offer online tutors. They will have the criteria required for their website, and the qualifications needed. If you browse websites, be sure to check on their application process, because each site will have a process and test method. Be sure to apply to as many online tutoring services as possible. This way if you are unsuccessful with one, you still have possibilities with the others. Apply to the site of your choice and complete the examinations. You will have to prove your skills through the examination process, so be sure to put in your best effort. Once you have completed the testing process, you must wait to hear back from the site in order to see if your application has been accepted.

You must select the hours that you will work. Most companies will need you to work a minimum number of hours, generally 5-6, but others may require more. You can always work more than the minimum, depending on the amount of free time you're willing to give to your tutoring. Normally, your time is limited to 30 hours per week of work.

Most companies pay for online courses by check or direct deposit once a month. You will be paid according to the number of hours for your tutoring. Your payment schedule will be explained during the application process and you will be required to agree to it before you are accepted into their program.

The tutoring service will set you up with the students, as well as provide you with the necessary materials to help you succeed. Remember to ask the tutoring service any questions you may have. This way you will be sure to follow procedure and make the most of your tutoring experience. Working as an online tutor is a great experience. You can help others get the education they need, and can make some money in the process. It is always a good feeling when you can share your knowledge with others and know that you helped someone out.