Everyone is looking for the perfect marketing success model. If you are a marketer your success model is to market your own products or to promote an affliate products.

Promotion can be done many ways, if you have a website but not much traffic, you would go to a high PR traffic website (most social bookmarking sites are high traffic sites) and post a link to an article you would have written on your main website. At the bottom of your article in the signature you would put your website URL. Next bookmark your article, with url and description at the higher PR social bookmarking website and you would then get traffic back to your main website.

PageRank Display - Wondering whether a new website is worth your time? Use the Toolbar's PageRank™ display to tell you how Google assesses the importance of the page you're viewing. If you're interested in knowing which websites have a high Page Rank (PR) you might download  Google's PageRank tool bar for your Web Based Browser to see the page rank of the websites you are visiting.

Some Top Bookmarking and Blogging Sites and their current Page Rank
 Note: Don't be alarmed if your website Page Rank changes. Algorithms change and so a drop or increase in page rank really is only one factor in getting traffic to your website.

Google Page Rank 9 (PR9) Google Page Rank 8 (PR8)
http://www.facebook.com http://www.technorati.com
http://del.icio.us http://www.myspace.com/
Google Page Rank 7 (PR7) Google Page Rank 6 (PR6)
http://www.digg.com http://www.tagged.com
http://www.squidoo.com http://www.spurl.net

Some free services that help you bookmark your site include:
 http://www.onlywire.com - http://www.stumbleupon.comhttp://socialize-it.com/

Social bookmarking is the latest trend of SEO, you can get the best Strongest backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites. You can bookmark your own websites and there are many services that will also help you bookmark your site for  a small service fee. (Go to Google Search and type "social bookmarking website PR9" to find these services).

So now you know where to go but where do you get your article ideas?
Why not go to content providers that will pay you to write articles? This way you can see what other people are being paid for and duplicate their success.

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In conclusion, social bookmarking is a new way of promoting and getting traffic to your website. You can sign up for free and it cost a lot less than some forms of advertising.