Initially, MySpace was the in-thing for high school teens and Facebook was the in-thing for college students but ever since the Facebook has opened for all, the battle has started and everybody has the same question to ask - which is better?

If we look at the overall site design and layout of both, Facebook wins hands down. Facebook offers a more professional approach with better organization of profiles and its contents. Because of this, it is easier to walk through Facebook to find the information we are looking for. Only way you can find a person in MySpace is by knowing the user name of the person beforehand. MySpace does allow its user more freedom where customization is concerned; you can fiddle with the html codes and give your profile the look according to your tastes. But precisely because of this, MySpace layout has become very inconsistent and profiles are difficult to comprehend in some cases. Facebook on the other hand allows its users to add and remove applications. Using Facebook tools developers can make their versions of some of Face book’s own applications.

Facebook allows start-ups to access their core features add a widget on people’s Facebook profiles and show advertising to users, MySpace also provides opportunities to the start-ups but here they have the possibility of being banned from the site.

When it comes to user interactions in both here also, Facebook has a clear edge. While MySpace is filled with spammers, most the friends you interact with in Facebook are your actual friends. Since Facebook is organized by schools and locations, it is also easier to find your old school friends in Facebook than in MySpace. Facebook provides recent updates to your site and also keep you up-to-date with the happenings of your friend’s site by providing info on their recent activities like adding new friend or new network. Only way to do this in MySpace is by actually looking for it yourself. In Facebook privacy of a person is kept in mind by allowing the user to hide their personal information or show it according to personal preferences. In MySpace, it is not so detailed.

When it comes to sharing of pictures, again because of its better organization Facebook has the advantage. User can also tag other people and vice-versa. But for music, MySpace is the clear winner. MySpace also offers better options to various music bands for their promotion and interacting with their fans.