A customer will always judge the performance of your product with every single interaction. With every click that he makes on your website he judges your brand through all channels. Of course online customer experiences vary greatly because they are dependent on a number of factors. It is therefore important for every company to measure these factors, in order to know the quality of experience enjoyed by your customers.

After all, shopping on the internet is becoming more and more popular and if the online customer support is good, it can bring happy and loyal customers for a lifetime. Though most companies have a system of measuring performance indicators through server availability, network availability and application response time to a scripted transaction, but the actual measurement should be of the individual customers’ experiences.

It is important to understand that each customer who is using a website at a given point of time could experience a range of different qualities of service which results in a range of states of satisfaction on his part. The biggest challenge for any business is to understand the quality of the online service that each customer experiences and how each individual customer interacts with you online.

When you start an internet business, you do have to focus on building up the site and obviously make it attractive to get as much traffic as possible. The environment is highly competitive and each one is offering the same basic goods as you. A superb online customer support can just set you apart from the others, and that is how you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

All internet customers shop around from one site to the other and then pick the best buy. The price is naturally the first factor, but the internet consumer treads his path carefully, because he is afraid of being cheated. So, after comparing prices for the right product of his choice, the customer definitely makes a choice, if there is something special in your website, which could make the difference.

This difference can be the customer support and service to your fancy website and a personal touch can differentiate you from your competition. Customers will then want to come back and potential customers will want to buy only from you. Your business should become more than a shop or an image, because they should know you personally.

Use all the methods to ensure this personal contact like email, live chat, telephone numbers, 24/7 service to answer queries, include a helpline. Knowledge database and the ticket system could also be used, because that will attract customers and at the end of the day customer satisfaction will bring you more customers to enhance your business.