What is Online Customer Support? The answer to this question lies in the question itself , Online customer support is nothing but the technical or non-technical troubleshooting and help provided by the company selling the product using internet as a medium of administering the help .

The proliferation of internet in the twenty first century has taken computers and internet to the homes of people and the companies selling goods and services are riding on this wave of internet to increase their popularity amongst the consumers. The online customer support not only facilitates the things on users end but also goes in a long way to help businesses to improve their return on investment.

The cost of set up of a typical online customer support platform is very less as compared to setting up a brick and mortar Service centre. The users or consumers also find it a lot easier and convenient to reach an online customer support rather than visiting a Service centre. In addition to this a user more often or not is able to resolve the problem by him through a little help and guidance from the online customer support team.

The online customer support systems are generally 24 X 7 in nature, i.e. the user or consumer of the product or service can at any time of the day get in touch with the online customer support team to get help regarding the problem he or she is facing.

The help can be related to various aspects of the product or service. These heads are enumerated as follows

General use of the product or service.

Possible offers, discounts and other sale conditions running currently in market.

Technical support that help user to troubleshoot the problems that are encountered while using the product or service.

Service and other miscellaneous topics

The technical aspects of Online Customer support system require the setting up of secure and sophisticated website with advanced encryption techniques, so that a user can log on into his account and chat with the online representatives regarding the problem he or she is facing. The consumer can also write out his problem by sending a mail to the online customer support.

The performance of Online customer support is critical, therefore proper monitoring of these systems is done to understand and assess how efficiently the representatives of online customer support system are able to help the customer.