If you've been attempting to build a business with resell rights products you've probably seen a wide range of people offering products for prices that are much lower, in some cases ridiculously lower, than the suggested retail price. This practice, common as it may be, is a shame for many reasons. The first reason is that it seems to create a price war of sorts with everyone trying to create the best package for the lowest price. This really benefits no one in the long run and only serves to change the way people perceive the value of the products being sold. It also means that there is a flood of products that are less than impressive. In the end, it lowers the value of all products that are being resold.

But, what can you do about this? How can you continue to make an honest living when so many others are being a little less than honest? Keep these things in mind when setting your prices and keep your head held high as you establish prices that are not dirt cheap or rock bottom but leave plenty of growing room and help establish the true value of the products you are offering.

1) Packaging matters. Combine the resell rights products with give away products or freebie reports that improve the value of the overall package without devaluing the actual product you are selling. You can find plenty of PLR reports and ebooks that are ideal for these situations and don't cost you a lot to share with your customers. This helps them feel as though they have gotten their money's worth and keeps you from falling into the 99 cent rut that so many Internet marketers fall into when trying to underbid resell rights products.

2) Consider a membership site. You can make money month after month by introducing your readers, subscribers, and other audience members to a monthly site that offers a wide range of resell rights products. Make sure that you either offer a wide range of topics for your resell rights products or cater to a specific niche and keep the focus narrow and well defined. You must offer products that are worthy of the price month after month to your visitors but may find you make more money doing this than would have ever been possible trying to compete with cut rate resellers on the market.

3) Understand how the market works. Not all resellers, especially those selling at lower rates, have large lists of buyers that they are marketing too. In other words, chances are that your customers will never see these lower priced offers. If they do, they may never find them packaged quite the way that you offer yours. What this means is that you are able to build better value and market to a larger audience. In other words, you still have the upper hand even though they have the lower price.

When you put things into proper perspective you can see that you still have the opportunity to come out on top without devaluing the great products you are offering as resell rights products.