Online communities have become big attractants of traffic to websites. One such online community that has been successful at this is the Meetup online community. The Meetup online community works by motivating people to contribute any valuable information on your products. In return, they too get information which is beneficial for them on the same products. The online community responds to questions on products that are a hot for discussion faster than online customer services.

The Meetup online community allows its contributors to be known by the persons they are conversing with and not be some anonymous persons. This then allows community members to become known and thus build a reputation. Thus when new prospects come and they get information from such members of the group it is considered the most accurate due to the reputation they would have earned. This somehow provides some form of assurance to prospective buyers thus encouraging them to tryout your products.

The Meetup online community is also useful in search engine optimization. This is so for with online community forums your products can become a widely discussed topic. When this happens everyone gets to hear about your products and which site to get them from. The result is that traffic on your site increases and so do your sales. On the other hand search engines list their top ten sites on a search according to the traffic drawn by those sites. Since your site will be attracting more traffic as a result of the Meetup online community when a prospective customer makes a search for the same product your site is sure to appear on the first page of the search. The end result is that your products will be adequately advertised and your business will flourish.

The Meetup online community will do all the advertising for you all you have to make sure of is your customer service is superb thus your customers are sure to return to your site whenever they need the same product. The Meetup online community is real and alive this is one of the things that make it stand out from the rest of the other online communities. Prospective customers are always assured they are talking to real people who are not just some virtually created characters by some bogus online traders who want to increase their product sales. So with the Meetup online community you will definitely increase your businesses bottom-line.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site over thirty six million members across two hundred companies. This site serves as a platform for all professional people to meet and build relations with each other online. LinkedIn offers a common platform where your you can meet your classmates, colleagues of past and present and clients and know professional details like their expertise and company they are associated with.

Just by providing few simple details you can be a part of LinkedIn family. First step after joining is to make your profile telling about your area of work and other related accomplishments. You can also enhance your profile by using LinkedIn tools. Since Linked in a gated community you have to know the people beforehand either directly or indirectly through some contact to start inviting them (or in LinkedIn term making a connection with them).This gated approach infuses trust among its member users. By using a drop down menu you can select school or company (taken from your profile) and look for a connection and send them invite. You need not know their email address to send them invite .For other friends you can send them an invite with their email address. LinkedIn provides visibility up to third degree connections which means you can see your connections, your connections’ connection and further your connections’ connections’ connections. You can use the social graph provided by the site to know how you map to your third degree connection. You can send an invite through your friend (i.e. your connection) in case you want them to be your direct connection as well.

One of the most important uses of LinkedIn is that it can be used to find jobs, potential partners or future clients and service providers. Employers can use it as a medium to post their job openings and find suitable candidates. With your network of connection you can be informed of the various openings in your contacts’ company and in this way you can get an insider take on various job opportunities.

You can be part of LinkedIn communities and discussion forum and increase your knowledge by interacting with subject experts in your area of work. You can also leave a question in the LinkedIn answers section and get an answer for your business queries.

LinkedIn also provide an application to add your blog to the LinkedIn site. You can also create your own public or private online directories to store documents.