I guess by now everybody knows that Facebook is a social networking website .It was started in 1194 by as a way of interaction for Harvard University students. Slowly its popularity rose to different colleges and now it has become one of the most prominent networking sites with over 120 million members worldwide. So what all does Facebook offer?

For starters Facebook provide a great opportunity to interact with friends irrespective of the geographical location. It even helps us to find long lost friend which we had forgotten in the ways of life. To create a Facebook account, all you need to give is your full name, email id, password and your date of birth and you are ready to go. You then need to generate your profile which gives an outline about you like your birthday, interests, relationship status and other personal details. All this is optional and it’s all up to you as to how much information you want to give about you. Facebook also has easy to use privacy settings which allow you to control who has access to various aspects of your profile. You can go creative and design and change some of the default settings of your page.

The main mode of interaction in Facebook is the Wall which is nothing but a place where you can leave a message for your friend .You can also send a private message just like an email if you want the message to be 'private'. Other than that Facebook also offers a live chat option just like any other online chats like Yahoo and GTalk. With so many options you have the flexibility to pick and chose any option you want according to your need. You can also join the various online communities as per your tastes.

To keep tabs of the new updates in your page as well as of your friends, Facebook offers feeds to you which tells us what new changes have taken place like if somebody has added a new photo or video, send you a message etc .This provides a good way of keeping tabs on your friends life, as the information comes to you rather than you going to get it.

You can add photos to your profiles and set the privacy settings for them as per your comfort. You can also tag a photo to your friend and vice-versa .Tagging is nothing but sharing of photos with your friends. The photo you have tagged to your friend will appear in his profile also. Facebook also gives the option to untag a photo if you don't want it in your profile.

Facebook also offers a platform for public personalities and business units to be part of the Facebook community to increase their popularity by reaching to a massive user base. They can do this by creating a public profile, called as Facebook page. With this they can easily send broadcast message, share photos and videos with other users. Users can also leave a message to these public figures like any other Facebook profile.

MySpace is one of the many social networking sites that exists but the difference being that it is more popular than most of them. The site was set up in July 2003 by Tom Anderson who is the current CEO of the company and was one of the very first sites of its kind.

You can start using the site by simply entering very basic details like your name, gender, date of birth and you will be part of MySpace community. First step to do after account creation is building up your profile with answering question related to your favorite movie, songs, age and so on. This profile exists as your homepage and reading this other people can get an idea about you and send you a friend request. MySpace offer a platform to not only interact with your friends but also give a big door to make new friends .Anybody can send you a friend request but you have the power to accept or deny somebody from being your friend by simply clicking the deny button. One the good practice of MySpace is keeping the profiles of ‘under 16s’ as private .You need to know the email address or surname to add them to your friend list. Since MySpace has a seemingly open nature, so to prevent these under 16s from creepy elements, this is a great idea.

One of the most amazing features provided by MySpace is that you have the freedom to change the look and feel of your page by changing the HTML code associated with it. You can change these codes yourself or take help of plenty of sites available which will do the job for you. You simply will have to copy paste the code to your page. But because of these customizations, there are lots of inconsistencies which have crept in the site.

MySpace is a great place for all music lovers. Most of the bands are registered here giving you the opportunity to listen to their tracks even before they are released. Since people can give feedback to these tracks, bands get an opportunity to correct their tracks based on the user feedbacks. Lots of upcoming band use MySpace to promote their band and increase their fan base. You can also upload videos and pictures to your profile and people can leave comments on them after seeing them. You have the option of deleting the comments which you feel are inappropriate or are not comfortable with.