Many Internet marketers give away something free in order to get people to sign up for their email opt-in lists. This is an excellent way to build a list and it also helps to build trust among your customers and future customers. You can also give away free items as bonuses when customers purchase your main item. Try to avoid giving away something free upon purchase unless you disclose that at the very beginning or you risk annoying potential customers and ensuring they will never buy from you.

I recently received a rather intriguing email that promised me something absolutely free from an Internet marketer whose opt in list I had joined. I was excited to continue my budding relationship with this marketer and accept his free gift until I reached the end of the email and learned I would have to buy something in order to receive this “free” gift. While the so called free item might indeed be free, I was highly annoyed that he had wasted my time and I immediately unsubscribed from his list. While I am all for buy this and get that free” campaigns, there is something to be said for early disclosure.

Now I’m not saying it is wrong to perpetuate the kind of Internet marketing campaign I received in my email. What I am saying, though, is that you risk annoying and alienating potential customers if they feel that you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes. You’ll have to search your Internet marketing conscience to see how you feel about using this particular concept.

You might also consider offering your regular customers something free every now and then to foster good will and to keep the lines of communication open. Never take your customers for granted because there are literally thousands of Internet marketers who would like to steal your customers. Remember, you are building relationships with your customers and your goal is to turn customers into loyal customers so that when a slick Internet marketer comes along with a great deal, your customers won’t be swayed.

Make sure that the products you give away actually offer value to your customers or they will ignore further offerings from you. Offering your customers junk, free or not, will brand you as an Internet marketer that offers junk. You want to build a reputation for offering quality products, even the ones you offer at no cost. Remember, too, that word of mouth travels even faster on the Internet than it does in the brick and mortar retail world. Impress your customers and they will tell their friends. You know what will happen if you don’t impress them.