If your strong suit lies in product creation and not marketing and networking you may want to recruit affiliate marketers to sell your products so you will have more time to create more products to sell. If you’re willing to let go of part of the profits, though, you may just end up having more profits to hold on to. You can go about recruiting affiliate marketers in a variety of ways.

Is Your Product Digital?

If you have a digital product you can either recruit affiliates yourself or you might want to join an affiliate network like ClickBank. This would make it easy for thousands of affiliates to find your product easily and instead of doing all of the promoting yourself, you have the potential of having your product promoted by countless other Internet marketers. You’ll pay a part of the profits in fees and commissions but you also stand the chance to increase your profit by having so many affiliates selling it for you.

Recruit Affiliates to Sell Your Physical Products

You can also recruit affiliates to sell your physical products. There are affiliate networks for physical products as well or once again, you have the option of remaining on your own and recruiting affiliates yourself. By recruiting affiliate marketers yourself, you’ll save the fees of joining an affiliate network but you’ll also spend more time looking for affiliates to promote your products.

Create Your Own Affiliate Program

Even when affiliate marketers sell your products, you’ll still be responsible for shipping them, if required, and for customer service so do take this into consideration as you decide whether this type of marketing is right for you. While you’ll save a lot of time marketing, you will still be responsible for dealing with the customers. Still, promoting your products can take a lot of time so it may be worth it to you to share your profits with affiliate marketers.

This may also be a good time to decide whether you want to market physical or digital products. Of course, there is nothing that says that you can’t market both as well but realize that they both entail a vastly different business scheme. You’ll have customer service issues either way, of course, but if you market only digital products then you won’t have to worry about shipping or inventory.

Your Price and Affiliates

Before you recruit affiliate marketers to help sell your products, make sure that you can indeed afford to pay the commission out of each sale. Of course, if the affiliate marketers bring in a large volume of business, then you will have more profit to share but it is still important to make sure you can afford to lose a certain percentage of each sale before you make this commitment. You’ll have less to worry about if your investment is mainly time but if you have a good amount of money invested in your product, make sure you can afford to share the wealth before you recruit affiliates.