For people to buy your information product, they need to have faith in it. They need to know that it is a quality product which they will benefit from having. One of the best ways to build up this faith in your product is to get yourself known as an expert and all other forms of promoting your information product derive from that.

Acquiring Expert Status

To be seen as an expert in your chosen field for your online business, you should have plenty of articles and content on your site, which needs to be search engine optimized. But you should also get your articles out there on the wider internet and real world – in trade journals, appropriate websites and article directories – all with your information product website link, of course.

You should get yourself on relevant message boards and make some appropriate noise so people know who you are.

You may think that this takes some time – and it does, but it’s worth it; however, what you may not also know is that you can hire freelance writers to do all of this for you – even submitting articles to directories for you. So long as you’re assured of the quality of the information, you could certainly go down this route to grow your own information product business online.

Good articles and e-books tell you something new. They may even have in them interviews from actual experts in the field.

You could also insert a link to invite people to subscribe to your newsletter or something like that, in which you advertise new information products you have for sale; the more you and your business are in people’s faces, the better. It takes, on average, five viewings for people to trust you enough to buy from you.

Give Something Back

Consider strongly giving people re-sell rights to your work. That will spread your marketing of your online business further. You can protect your document so that it cannot be changed and your by-line cannot be removed, if you want to.

Make People Want Your Information Product

Create a sense of urgency so that people feel they must buy now from you or forever miss out on a great deal. If they decide to go away and think about it, you’ll have lost a significant number of sales – either because they genuinely forget to come back – or because they can’t be bothered.

Web 2.0 Marketing

To maximize the sales of your information product, you need to get people excited about it. Build a buzz about it. Using Web 2.0 techniques of chat rooms, message boards and blogs is a great way to advertise your information products. Just make sure you aren’t spamming. Put good quality messages on boards or blogs and include a link to your information product. If you appear from your messages to know what you are talking about, people will be more likely to click on your links and buy your information product.