First, if you are to have any success at all in selling your information products, you need to get the basics right. Just because they are ‘basics’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are simple; plenty of people get these things wrong!

1. Establish a product for which there is a demand. If people don’t need or want your information product, no matter how well written it is, they just won’t buy it. If you have to set about creating a demand that can be awfully difficult and take a lot of time. It’s better to sell an information product for which you know there is already a demand. That way people will know they need your information product; you won’t need to spend time convincing them of that fact.

2. Make your information product of the highest quality that you can. Don’t try and make a fast buck with an inferior product. That is just scamming people and that can get you in an awful lot of trouble. If you take the time now to make sure your information product is the highest quality that you can offer, you will reap the rewards of higher sales and higher profits.

3. Your information product should be well presented. It should look professional, and be free from errors. Also, get yourself a company logo and use that on your info, for example, your e-books. You should also make sure that any e-books that you attempt to sell have an attractive front cover. You may want to get professional graphic design help with that, but packages available for your computer make e-book design quite easy these days.

4. Aim for repeat business. It is much easier to make a second sale to an old customer than it is to find a second customer to whom to make a first sale. Information products are usually quite inexpensive, so if you want to secure a reliable income long-term, you really need repeat customers to be coming back to you. For that reason, at the outset of deciding your information products, keep in mind where there is potential for sequels and updates in which people who bought your first information product would be interested.

5. Get the legal details right. Take care not to violate trademarks for instance by doing something as simple as using the Google logo in your information product without express permission. It is also important to check that the names of any of your information product are not already protected by a trademark. You can do this by visiting the website.

Now you are ready to produce a killer information product that anyone would want to buy. Here are some things to bear in mind.

6. Do thorough research. You need to find out what sort of information products for which there would be a demand. You also need to make sure your information product contains only correct information.

7. Get the format of your information product correct for the information you want to get across to your audience. Don’t write an e-book where an e-mail course or article would be better. Also, whichever of these formats you choose, make sure they are set out in a way which can be clearly read and understood. Don’t sacrifice clarity for a fancy design.

8. Create your product after looking what else is available on the topic. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel with information products which have already effectively been written.

9. In order to sell more information products, consider giving some away. Through this initial free product you can build up people’s faith in your information products and encourage them to buy others from you.

10. The Golden Rule of selling information products is to create trust. Give people a reason to trust you. You can do this by publishing testimonials from people who have read your information products. Be careful to only use people’s names and e-mail addresses etc if they have given you permission in writing to do so. Also, offer them a money-back guarantee if they aren’t satisfied with your information product. Don’t panic about offering that. It shows that you are a reputable business owner and it shows that you have faith in your own product. People will be impressed by that.

Following these ten simple steps should enable you to sell as many information products as you want to.