To get your information products, you have a few options:

Research and write your own products

The simplest way to create product is to just write them. Whether it be articles on insurance, a report on video marketing or whatever, you can search for information on the subject and then write the product yourself. Websites like Google, and Yahoo can give you large amounts of data to use in writing information products. All you really need is a writing program like Word.

Get a ghost writer to create the products for you

If you don’t want to write the information products yourself, or you feel you can’t, you can employ a ghostwriter. If you have a writing job and you realize that it’s going to take a huge amount of time to research the subject, you may end up losing money on the project. By hiring a ghost writer who is already an expert in the field, you eliminate that issue.

There are websites like, and where you can advertise for a writer. Joining some of these websites may cost you a fee (paid monthly, quarterly or annually), but they’re quite reasonable. After that, you advertise the job you have, and you can even put in a range of a fee that you’re looking to pay and a timeframe for finding a writer. Writers on the website then submit bids to you, and you pick which one you want. A nice feature of many of these sites is that they will set up an escrow account for the money you agree to pay for the project. That way, you and your ghost writer can both feel safe; the money is there, but the writer doesn’t get it until you get the material you’ve contracted for.

Interview an expert in the niche and sell the audio recordings or have it transcribed into an e-book

These days, with the advent of the Internet, you can chat (and interview) people all over the world using a phone or instant messaging system and then record the interview into an audio file. So long as you make some sort of financial arrangement with the person, you can then use the file as you see fit. First, there’s simple editing software (normally standard on most computers) that will let you edit the audio file. You can then burn it to CD’s or create an mp3 (or other file) that you can sell. After that, you or a ghost writer can also transcribe the file and create an e-book.

Selling other people's products by becoming an affiliate

With this, you sort of become the ghostwriter. You find an affiliate’s book with resell rights or a PLR product with resell rights and you can advertise it yourself through website, sales letter or article marketing etc. You will earn a percentage for each sale that is made of the information product in this case, or perhaps a small percentage for each time someone clicks on the link to take a look at the information product.

All of these are great ways to find your information products to sell, but of course, some take more work than others!