You might think that it is never a bad idea to buy master resell rights to products that you are considering selling and/or reselling to members of your list. The truth is that there are plenty of times when this is not the best course of action. You need to be able to recognize the potential pros and cons of reselling products and the rights to resell those products before you make your investment rather than finding out it's not a good idea after it's too late.

How can you know the difference if you haven't seen the product already?

1) Go with a name you know. As you make your way to the Internet marketing inner circle you will find that there are many names you are going to recognize more and more often. These are names of those that have stood the tests of time and have made their way to the center of this illustrious group of Internet marketers. Chances are that if they are offering products with master resell rights it's going to be a solid product.

2) See if other people are selling it or what they have to say about it. Chances are good that if you do an Internet search for the product name you will see that there is either a lot of commentary about the product or very little. While it is understandable if this is a brand new product it shouldn't be the case if the product has been around for a little while and other marketers are supposedly marketing these master resell rights with great success.

3) Ask questions. If you are new to resell rights and simply aren't sure, ask around. Participate in forums and ask other forum members about the product creator. It is likely that if the product creator has been around someone there has heard of him or her along the way. Internet marketing forums are a great source of information when you are just staring out and long after you've gotten your feet wet.

4) Read the fine print. Even among master resale rights not all agreements are created equally. Know what you are getting for the extra money or even if it's a product that is being given to you along with master resell rights you need to know which exact rights you do and do not have.

One thing you should keep in mind is this. Even if a product that offers master resell rights isn't a great idea for you to sell, that doesn't mean—assuming that giving the product away or including it as part of a package—that the product can't be of use to you or help you make very real profits.

In the ever expanding vocabulary of the World Wide Web there are many new terms and phrases you will need to learn and understand before you embark on a career that utilizes resell rights of any kind in order to turn a profit. The temptation is quick and the pay out can be quite exciting but you could land yourself in more than a little bit of hot water if you do not understand exactly what you are getting the the rights you receive.

Resell rights generally come in specific forms that provide some clues as to what you are getting in the package. The more common resell rights are listed below and briefly explained.

Resell Rights

This is your run of the mill resell rights and it enables you to turn around and sell the product to other people. You are selling the product alone and can make no changes at all to the product. Most consider this the least attractive type of resell rights products to handle but many beginning Internet marketers cut their teeth on resell rights products and built their businesses by learning the basics involved in selling at a nice tidy profit of 100%. It's nothing really to turn your nose up at unless you have a better offer on the table.

Master Resell Rights

When it comes to these rights, some consider them the Holy Grail of resell rights because you can not only sell the product to your list of subscribers or audience but also the rights for those who purchase the products from you to turn around and sell them as well.

Giveaway Rights

If you plan to create packages and need bonuses to give to your list of subscribers these goodies have a great deal of value. You must leave them as they are and can't change the information, claim authorship, or point the links to your affiliate pages. Other than that, you can offer them as icing in a package, make a thank you gift for buyers of them, or give them to list subscribers simply to thank them for reading.

Rebranding Rights

These rights, among resell rights are infinitely useful. You can rebrand the products, within the limitations of your rights, to claim ownership, include your links, and promote specific products that you wish to showcase.

Private Label Rights

With PLR you are given the rights to do many things with the products, including making changes. You will need to consult your agreements to find out which specific rights you have and how much you can do with the products. Many PLR offers hold few restrictions for use though and are a great way to build a money making reselling empire.

Now that you know a little more about the vocabulary it's time to get busy putting it to work for you by tackling the next step and actually making your first sale of resell rights products.