You will find, when doing business online that there are plenty of terms that are confusing. You will hear abbreviations for a wide range of things and before too long the new lingo and Internet shorthand can be mind boggling if you allow it the opportunity. With that in mind, resell rights does not need to be yet another source of confusion for the would be Internet marketer.

But what do resell rights mean? In general resell rights allow you a specific license to distribute the product. You will need to examine the specific license you receive in conjunction with your resell rights products to find out exactly what it entails for you. '

Resell rights only grant permission or rights for you to sell the products to someone else. You cannot make changes to products that give resell rights unless you are granted specific rights to do so. This also means that you can't attach your name to the product and call it your own or change the links to match links for products that you are promoting.

PLR, or private label rights, grant you the right to use the product as you see fit as long as it is within the letter of the agreement you made when purchasing your private label rights. In most cases you have the option of making changes, adding links, removing links, changing or adding graphics, rewording, or leaving everything completely as is. Sometimes there are stronger restrictions so you must, once again, look to the document that outlines the specific rights you have.

Master resell rights, also referred to as MRR, are a different matter. When you purchase a product with MRR then you are generally purchasing the product, the right to sell the product, and the rights to sell the rights to sell the products to others. Sounds confusing right? It really boils down to this: master resell rights give you product to sell the products as well as selling the rights so that others can sell the product too.

Resell rights and master resell rights may sound tempting. When it comes down to it though, private label rights are the preferred method because you can make changes, put the work into your own “voice” and make sure that all links and profits from the article are coming to you rather than someone further up the food chain as you will find is often the case with resell and master resell rights.

That being said, if you are a beginner in the world of Internet marketing or simply attempting to make business selling products for others, then resell rights and master resell rights are a great place to begin. You should be able to realize real profit potential selling the products that others have created.


You're probably a little bit concerned about whether or not becoming a reseller of resell rights products is the right choice for you. This is a decision that you and you alone can make but there are a few things you should consider before deciding against this potentially profitable endeavor.

1) Not everyone who purchases the resell rights to products will actually ever bother to turn around and try to sell the product. What this means is that you may have less actual competition than you anticipate.

2) Of those who decide to give the reselling aspect of resell rights products a try, few of them have an effective marketing plan. This means that even among your competitors, not all of them have the skills necessary to corner the market. An end result of this is that chances are good it will not prove problematic for you when all is said and done. The final result is that competition from other resellers will have little, if any result on your business most of the time.

If you are still concerned about the possibility of facing strong competition there are a few thins you can do that will really make your products stand out among the competition—even though you are both offering the same products.

1) Make the packaging a little more exciting. While you cannot, as a rule, change the content of your resell rights products there is generally no rule stating you cannot change the way it looks. Add a few freebies to sweeten the deal and it's a safe bet that you might have something your competitors do not. It never hurts to sweeten the deal with freebies you have created or that you have the rights to distribute without charge and can win a few people straddling the fence over to your side of the Internet marketing force.

2) Also work to develop a relationship with your subscribers. This will give you more of an edge than you realize when the time comes to promote resell rights products. Your subscribers respect your judgment if you've worked to build a relationship. When you recommend products it will hold a little more weight than if they run across a random advertisement from cyberspace.

It can be very difficult to take those vital first steps towards a successful Internet marketing career. It helps if you remember and keep in mind that all successful Internet marketing careers began with one important first step. Resell rights products is a great way to market products that you know well, can use in your own business, and that can make you very real money while you learn the ins and outs of Internet marketing and prepare to create your own information products in the future.