If one were to get on the net and start a forum on the topic, the forum would be inundated with negative criticism on the subject. This is mainly because this is the most misunderstood of all marketing concepts. Misunderstood as well as misused marketing techniques one would say.

MLM is a misunderstood technique because it is a concept that has been advertised and demonstrated all over the internet. This has led to millions of people trying to jump on to the band wagon in the hope of making quick money online. Some have even been sold the dream of making millions overnight while they slept, and all through MLM. It was only too bad for these people that they bought into a system they never fully understood the potential of or were not able to exploit to the fullest.

While the MLM programs they took part in may have been ideal to make a few thousands the sales pitch of the promoters made them expect more – much more. They expected so much from the program that they were disappointed with their meager earnings. If they were disappointed think of the way the people who took part and never recovered any of their investment?

Unfortunately these people form the majority of internet and brick and mortar MLM programs. Because the sheer number of these people with disgruntled feelings of MLM have contributed a great deal to maligning a technique that, if managed in a scientific manner, would yield profits of mammoth proportions. However, this is not the case. MLM has more adversaries than friends. However, the few people who have ventured into the world of MLM and have put in their all to a program they were confident in, have managed to reap great fortunes. This has, however, been possible only with hard work and consistency of labor.

These people are not entirely to blame. They may have lacked the will power or the dedication to carry their program through, however, there is a lot to be blamed on people pushing an MLM campaign just to get their investment out. These people single out vulnerable prospects and sell them a dream of becoming rich without having to raise a finger. Well sloth is one of the five deadly sins! If these people failed to understand that earnings are directly proportionate to the efforts put in they would have understood that investing money and sitting back hoping for the profits to roll in was nothing but a road to loss.

So, does MLM really work? The answer is Yes, but the players must be carefully chosen to build a successful and hardworking down line of people who are dedicated to making a success of a program where everyone benefits.