Multilevel marketing is all about networking. Now, it is not always possible to recruit people we know to join our affiliate program and earn them and us a bit of greenback on the side. Sometimes we have to go out and cold sell the MLM we are trying to promote or our affiliate tree we are trying to grow.

As there are two types of MLM programs there are two types of social networking techniques too. On type of MLM is the conventional MLM where people are expected to go out into the market and make calls on prospective customers and try to sell the product as well as get the customers to join the MLM and market the product further for a commission. The other way is through internet marketing. In internet marketing, the more popular MLM way of promoting MLM, internet marketers set up blogs and sites and then market the site through SEO technology.

This technology involves writing hundreds of mail letters and posting them as articles on directories containing the URL to the site that is promoting the MLM. People read the articles and want to know more then they click on the link and are directed to the MLM site. This process is one of the most effective and easy ways of marketing an MLM.

The other technique is to market MLM through social networking. There are many sites which have forums for members to take part in and discuss their favorite topic, people from all over the world sign up with forums just to partake in discussions on social networking and how to promote their MLM programs. It is possible to answer questions in forums as well as start a discussion and invite people to take part in it. This is the essence of social networking on the internet.

Some of the good social networking sites are Orkut and Facebook. My Space was an ideal site just a few months ago but seems to be facing a lot of controversy what with Facebook being taken over by Google. These social networking sites are being utilized to the optimum by MLM entrepreneurs the world over. There are communities within communities where MLM programs are being promoted and exchanged. People looking for good MLM leads come to these social networking sites in search of great programs. These people have fabulous down lines and can be exploited greatly.

Internet social networking is more powerful than actually meeting people in real life and trying to convince them to join and MLM. In internet social networking it is possible to reach out to thousands of people in places we were not even aware of. Social networking for MLM is by far the best way to get the word out about any MLM campaign program.