Even with a majority of people voting against MLM programs as a means of making some money online, there have been some very interesting MLM success stories. Being the next MLM success story is all about designing an attractive package or product and getting together a great team of affiliates to market the product or service.

Marketing the MLM is the crux of the matter leading to success. If you want to be the next MLM success story you should begin by testing your knowledge of internet marketing strategies. There are many ways to drive traffic to your MLM site. Traffic, and targeted traffic at that, is the only factor that will ensure the success of your MLM program. People who have made it big in the MLM world have been able to successfully promote the MLM through various means such as article marketing, directory posting, link building, and social networking – not to mention podcast promoting.

One of the major MLM success stories is that of Gerald Van Yerxa, the man behind Big Ticket To Wealth. This is all about a great product and a greater internet marketing strategy. Big Ticket to Wealth is a package of programs as the product. This package consists of a number of multimedia tutorials on how to manage your finances and a comprehensive course on internet marketing. Joining the program costs as much as 900 dollars but this amount can be realized once you get your first affiliate to sign up under you. There is no passing up of sales to the person who introduces you to the program. The cost of the MLM is justified in the product. If anyone were to sign up for such an internet marketing course they would pay thousands of dollars. The multimedia tutorials teach you how to market a product on the internet by driving millions of people to the site that you host the program on.

Yes you get a site of your own to market the product further too. It is not as if you are going to have every visitor convert to a paying customer but at least half a percent will and this is where you can make your money. Then you can use this knowledge of internet marketing to market dozens of other products through MLM programs of your own. These techniques include all forms of site promotion from article marketing to link building and even marketing through podcasting. However, all these processes have one thing in common – they drive traffic to your site in hordes.

Some great MLM success stories include Carbon Copy Pro, Passport to Wealth, Infinity 800 and Wealth Masters International to name just a few. All these were MLM success only because of their wise internet marketing strategies.