If you have been using the internet for a while, you will probably have come across the term ‘PLR’ or ‘Private Label Rights’. These are products – which could be articles, e-books, reports, e-courses etc – which you can buy or get free, and use as you which. You don’t need to cite any authors of reference any PLR products. In fact, you need never tell anyone that these weren’t written by you!

However, because a lot of PLR products are either free or cheap, the trouble with them is that you may find one PLR product popping up all over the internet. This can create a problem of Google penalizing you for duplicate content. So, you should use PLR products intelligently, editing and changing them to suit your needs. But if you bear that in mind, there are infinite ways in which you can use PLR products effectively and make money by doing that.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can make the best use of PLR products:

Let other people pass it on for free. Make it a stipulation that they must pass on the PLR product only if it carries your website URL. That way you will be doing very effective link building and will draw much more targeted traffic to your website.

Make a bundle of PLR products which are related and offer them as a free gift in exchange for buying another product of yours such as a special report or subscribing to an e-course of yours which they have had to pay for. People love it if they think they are getting something for nothing and it will make them much more likely to pay for your other product.

You can even convert the PLR articles into mobile files, so people can access them on their phones, wherever they are. This is a particularly popular idea for help files and guide books.

You can convert any PLR products into any number of languages, so you are able to offer them to a much wider audience.

You can use PLR content as part of your newsletter to promote your own goods and services. Newsletters, if they are to be effective, must be distributed regularly to your mailing list, for instance once a month. That can make quite a demand for new content, which is not always easy to find. Using PLR materials means you will always have information from which to make a newsletter.

You can also benefit from the fast content creation that PLR products facilitate by using them to promote a vast array of affiliate products. You may not be an expert in the area of your affiliate products. If you have access to the right PLR products – you don’t need to be!

You can use PLR products as your responses to discussion groups and message boards. Promoting your online business in this way is a very popular Web 2.0 technique and all you have to do is make sure that a link to your website is somewhere in the PLR content or in your signature, depending on what the message board or discussion group allows. Of course you can also start threads this way, too.

Use the PLR products as inspiration to identify a new niche area or a problem which has not yet been solved, and create your own information product in this niche.

Use PLR products as the basis for press releases for your own business.

Extract facts and figures from the PLR basis and based on these, write your own report about trends and patterns, which will show off your knowledge of the global picture within your industry.