If you've done any kind of business online, whether it's affiliate marketing, creating and selling info products, or ghostwriting articles for others, you have probably heard about Private Label Rights, or PLR. But what exactly is PLR?

What Is PLR?

You've probably heard the term "Content Is King" dozens, if not hundreds, of times. You hear it so often because it is true. Content is like the currency of the Internet. You can use good content to do things like attract visitors to your websites, promote affiliate products, build mailing lists, and create products to sell.

But not everyone has the time or the inclination to write content themselves. And that's where PLR comes in.

When you buy Private Label Rights to an ebook or a set of articles, you are buying the rights to use that content in just about any way you want. You can rewrite it, change words or paragraphs, or even rearranging entire passages. You can put your name on it as the author. You can even give it away or sell it to others.

PLR is a great way to get the content you need to run almost any kind of successful online business.

What Makes PLR Appealing?

The thing that makes Private Label Rights content the most appealing is the price. For example, say you needed ten original articles. You could hire someone to write them for you, but a good ghostwriter can charge $10 or more per article. So you'd end up spending $100, or more, for those ten articles.

By comparison, a batch of ten PLR articles might cost you just $10 total.

How can PLR writers afford to charge so little? Well it's because they don't just sell a batch of article to a single person. They might sell that batch of articles to 50 different people for $10 per batch. Meaning they can make as much as $500 selling those articles to several different people. (As opposed to making $100 selling the same batch of articles to one person.) And, in exchange, you get a batch of articles for an extremely reasonable price.

Most of the Work Is Done For You

You don't have to hire a ghostwriter to write content for you. Instead, you can write it yourself. But not everyone has the time or inclination to write ten or twenty articles in just a few days, or to try to write an ebook from scratch. And this is when PLR comes in handy. You can take Private Label Rights content, rewrite it a bit to put your own unique spin on it, and have it working for you in no time.

PLR is a fast, easy and affordable way to fill your websites or with content, or quickly create info products that you can sell for a tidy profit.